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Whatever the cause, whenever teeth are lost, you will benefit greatly from their replacement.

We have been providing dental implants at Treeline Dental Care for a number of years and have plenty of experience in the fit and finish of these products. From start to finish, put your trust in us to deliver a service and product that will exceed your expectations.

At Treeline Dental Care we will place and restore your implants, show you how to maintain them and monitor you for the long term to ensure a comfortable and long lasting result.

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Finance Options & Example

Please note that finance options are available and a typical example is illustrated below:

Total Treatment Cost £3999
12 months (0%) £333.25 per month
36 months (9.9%) £128.10 per month
60 months (9.9%) £83.99 per month

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  1. Dental Implants are a long term solution as they are long lasting. Provided a patient looks after their teeth well and with regular long-term care an implant could last for over 15 years.
  2. Dental Implants help to maintain the shape of your mouth and face. They also preserve your jaw bone which may otherwise shrink when teeth are lost.
  3. With Dental Implants, as your teeth are fixed, then you can enjoy and taste all of your favourite foods again. Many people complain that dentures can grind against their gums or other existing teeth. Dental Implants on the other hand remain stationary for increased comfort.
  4. Convenience. If you have dentures, you have to remove and clean them daily and that can be time consuming. With Dental Implants, you can brush and floss them just like your natural teeth, which is a lot less time consuming.
  5. No Risk of cavities. Dental Implants, whilst they look like natural teeth, are not prone to tooth decay. This means that your teeth can look great without the risk of cavities (as long as you look after them well).

Most Common Dental Implant Questions

What are dental implants?

A dental implant mimics the structure of your natural tooth with a titanium root placed into the gum helping to support a manufactured crown above the gum.

Over time your natural bone fuses to the implant- helping to fix it securely in place and ensuring it lasts for many years

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Can anyone have a dental implant?

Generally, dental implants are suitable for a wide range of patients- regardless of age or the condition of their teeth. They can be used to replace one or several teeth.

A number of factors will be taken into account when deciding if implant surgery is for you:

  • Good general health. If you have diabetes or smoke heavily you are at an increased risk of developing complications following implant surgery.
  • Good oral hygiene. It’s important that you look after your teeth and gums well (before, during and after surgery). Significant recovery time is required and you will need to commit to looking after your teeth well for the best chances of success.
  • Healthy gums and jawbone: Your dental implants will fit directly into your jawbone so it’s important this is healthy. Bone grafts and sinus lift can be carried out if required- this may be necessary if there has been a past issue with gum disease.


Does a dental implant hurt?

The placing of your dental implant will take place under a local anaesthetic so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. You may notice some discomfort for a week or two afterwards- general painkillers or a cold compress should help with this.

If you are particularly nervous or your case is more complex, then a sedative can be used. On the whole, placing a dental implant is usually easier than removing a tooth!

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