Treeline Dental Care will remain open during January and February’s lockdown

During this most recent lockdown period, we would like to reassure you that we will remain open and fully operational.

As always, the safety and wellbeing of our patients and staff is extremely important to us.

Our already stringent protocols and procedures have meant since re-opening last June, we have only had to make small modifications to ensure we are constantly following the latest guidelines.
You can be assured that in all of our Treeline Dental Care practices, we use the latest technology to ensure we are in-line with the recommendations of Public Health England.

We are open and able to see and treat you as normal

We are able to see and treat you as normal whether it be for a routine dental examination, a dental treatment, hygienist visit, or emergency treatment – we are able to see and treat you as normal.

Previous lockdowns have highlighted that any potential delays in both diagnosis and treatment have unfortunately, in some cases, resulted in tooth loss or the need for more extensive treatment.

It is vitally important to visit the practice if you are at all concerned about any lumps or lesions in your mouth that are not healing. Part of our routine dental examinations ensure we check for oral disease, and we still recommend that this is performed on a regular basis to ensure we can refer you as early as possible where necessary.