Dental Foundation Trainees 2019-2020

At the beginning of September 2019, we started as the new Dental Foundation Trainees at Treeline Dental Care. First impressions of the practice were that the whole team was so welcoming and friendly. We were made to feel so comfortable from the get go and it was so reassuring having a fellow trainee and friend throughout the whole training experience.

We were eased into getting used to how the practice works by having a full induction in the first week, followed by dental examinations and then routine treatment and emergencies. Fortunately, we were given longer appointment times to begin with, to give us the chance to build up our time management and confidence before seeing more patients in shorter time intervals.

Dental Foundation Training, was a great opportunity to build our clinical experience and therefore confidence, in general dentistry, all whilst having irreplaceable guidance from our knowledgeable and experienced mentors. Having friendly and supportive Educational Supervisors made the whole experience less daunting and extremely motivating.  We gained a greater insight in how to work in an NHS dental practice and how to reflect on every experience and find ways to make improvements to our theoretical knowledge and clinical competency during our training. 

Treeline Dental Care is a great practice to have completed the DFT year at, for many reasons. The nurses are highly trained and extremely helpful, the practice managers are kind and approachable, the associates always provided excellent advice and a helping hand if needed, and the reception staff are so easy to work as a team with.  Another key advantage in working at Treeline was the experience we were able to achieve in shadowing/speaking with the special interest dentists in fields such as Oral surgery, Implant dentistry, Orthodontist and Endodontist. I personally, found shadowing the Consultant oral surgeon, Dr Saund, so valuable. 

The patients at Treeline Dental Care, were trusting and overall great to work with. Understanding NHS rules and regulations and how to carry out a high standard of patient care is something that was highlighted at Treeline, throughout our DFT experience.

Health Education East Midlands (HEEM)

As part of the foundation year we had to complete a number of further education study days organised by HEEM and lead by various skilled and highly esteemed clinicians from across the region. The aim of these days was to further our knowledge in specific areas within dentistry, including endodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics. In addition to these in-depth topics, we had days focused speciafically in areas such as communication and medico-legal management. Not only are these study days informative and educational, they are a way to meet with colleagues to network and discuss our own individual experiences.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these study days were moved from a physical to an online classroom. This was a challenging time for both foundation dentists and educators, but allowed us all to develop new skills in communicating in this ‘new normal’ way!

Alongside study days, we had an online portfolio to document our progress through our foundation year and allow reflection on our practice. Here, we had to log various procedures carried out, as well as tutorials and case-based discussions with our educational supervisor. Once logged, the portfolio was used to reflect on what had gone well, what would have been improved and how we would aim to improve for the next time.


Lauren – When I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2019 I felt I had been provided with all the necessary tools to be a competent dentist, but felt daunted by the prospect of being let loose in the real world of dentistry! My foundation training has allowed me to gain experience, skill and confidence, all whilst in a controlled and supervised environment.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time during my foundation year in Keyworth, and I put this down in large part put this down to both the friendly staff and patients of Treeline Dental Care. I am happy to say I will be continuing my time at Treeline as an associate dentist next year!

Priya – We would like to special thank to the team at Treeline Dental Care who made our experience as trainees, so enjoyable. Our Education Supervisor Dr Jandu, has shared so much wisdom and knowledge with us and we are very grateful for this. The whole team has been extremely supportive, motivating and kind. Most importantly, we have completed our Dental Foundation Training year, with a boost in confidence clinically and made friendships within our dental team as an absolute bonus. Thank you Treeline Dental Care!