You are never too old for braces and straight teeth

Why you are never too old to get braces

We are all so much more aware of our aesthetics these days – and, although the power of social media can impact on body confidence, there is a happier flipside.

Making the most of the way we look is not always a negative thing. So long as we place our health and beauty in the hands of dental or medical clinicians who are well practised and qualified in the cosmetic procedures we seek, then we should be confident in achieving great cosmetic results with the aesthetic enhancements we choose.

Alongside plastic surgery and less invasive cosmetic procedures, the number of us seeking cosmetic dentistry is also booming. And, with an increased public awareness of braces – as well a burgeoning number of dentists who are offering the plethora of teeth-straightening options – more Brits than ever before are looking to enhance their smile.

Dental implants and veneers may be the ‘go to’ treatments for some of us but, for others, the healthier, more natural (and less invasive) option to a smile makeover can easily be achieved with teeth straightening.

The added value with adult braces is not necessarily one we consider but it is important nonetheless – aligned teeth are healthier, too. Think about it, how much easier is it to clean in between uniform straight teeth than when they are crooked with crevices and hidden areas that are hard to reach with interdental brushes and floss let alone an ordinary toothbrush?

When you have a crossbite or misaligned teeth, there is a greater chance of plaque and food build-up, which may lead to gum disease.

And orthodontics is not just for the under 30s either. If your family has grown up and you have money to spend – and you’ve put up with problems biting, chewing, or speaking for years, or even if you have teeth that are crowded or protruding – you may be considering cosmetic dental treatment.

Additionally, as we age, teeth ‘migrate’ or shift position and, even if you had straight teeth in the past, you may now notice that you smile is now crooked or your mouth has become overcrowded.

Even if you had braces in the past, you may need them again. If you had ‘train tracks’ as a child but forgot to wear your retainers, then your teeth may have fallen back into their natural position. The great news is that braces are a lot more affordable than they were in the past – as well as more discreet, less painful and faster!

Olympic cyclists Laura Kenny (nee Trott) and new husband Jason both underwent Invisalign treatment before their wedding day – and the aligners are a great option for those who may wish to remove them for important occasions.

And sometimes it’s not just the bride and groom seeking teeth straightening before a wedding day – the parents and in-laws are looking to nail that straight, white smile for the official photographs, too.

Looking to straighten your teeth and don’t know where to begin?

Take a look at the options here. Here, the top 7 reasons why we seek teeth straightening…

1. To fix a broken smile

2. As a confidence boost

3. To raise self esteem in our hunt for a new job

4. To mark a big occasion, such as a wedding, big birthday or anniversary

5. To improve health and hygiene

6. To improve our chances when seeking a new relationship

7. To repair damage done in an accident or from a sports injury.