The high risks of cheap DIY braces

Trends come and go – and even in the world of cosmetic treatments, certain procedures can seek a sudden rise in popularity thanks very often to a celebrity endorsement or a makeover that’s in the media spotlight.

The fashion for tattoos, for example, is a good case in point – although this can also mean many regrets if we rush a decision and decide body art wasn’t for us, after all.

And, sometimes we may seek a cheaper route to staying on trend, by electing to have treatments from inappropriate people.

As we all know, unqualified or inexperienced people offering injectables or teeth whitening at a knock down price are inevitably bad news.

We only have to take a look at the images online to know that cheap is never cheerful and we risk our looks and our health by opting for a non-clinical or illegal approach to enhancements.

But what if the cheaper option looks genuine and clinical?

Recently a number of websites have appeared offering us a cheap and speedy route to teeth straightening.

By sending them a selfie – ‘You just need to submit six pictures in good light showing your teeth at varying angles for evaluation’ – one website promises premium cosmetic aligners delivered in as little as 16 weeks.

The British Orthodontic Society warns us to any treatment that cuts cost is a risk to our dental health and self-supervised teeth straightening can only mean a compromised result.